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Runs on Win XP Only (older package)

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Single Well Solutions is a powerful Windows software product that contains a collection of the most popular analytical solutions from "Analysis and Evaluation of Pumping Test Date," by G.P. Kruseman and N.A. deRidder, second edition 1990, for determining aquifer hydraulic conductivity and pumping well efficiency from single well test data. This is an inexpensive, dependable software. The following analytical solutions are available in Single Well Solutions:


  • Bouwer & Rice, 1976
  • Cooper et al., 1967
Constant Discharge

  • Hurr & Worthington, 1981
  • Hantush, 1964
Variable Discharge

  • Bisroy & Summers, 1980 (Intermittent Pumping)
  • Bisroy & Summers, 1980 (Uniterrupted Pumping)
Step Drawdown

  • Hantush & Biershenk, 1964
Constant Discharge Recovery

  • Theis, 1935

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Integrated Components

  • Software includes an integrated Excel-like spreadsheet
  • Software also includes an Integrated word processor
Data Entry

  • Data can be downloaded directly from a data logger
  • ASCII data can be read into the spreadsheet from a file
  • Raw data can be pasted into the spreadsheet from the clipboard
  • No preprocessing of raw data or special data header are required
  • Raw data can be read in with or without data logger text headers

  • A Wizard environment guides the user through each analysis
  • Diagrams are presented for each analysis which clarify input parameters
  • The Wizard environment allows the user to step forward or step backward through each step of the analysis
  • The slug test solutions allow the user to graphically remove noisy data at early time
  • Data files can be quickly downloaded and checked in the field
Large Data Files

  • A filter option is available which can be used to reduce the size of large data files by analyzing every one, two, three... up to 10 data pairs
  • An unlimited number of data pairs can be analyzed if necessary

  • Report-ready tables of raw data can be created using the spreadsheet
  • Graphical results can be printed immediately or saved to a file and printed at a later date
  • Summary tables of results can be exported to the integrated word processor after each analysis
Instruction Manual

  • The Instruction Manual contains step-by-step examples for each analysis
  • The Instruction Manual also contains a chapter on data collection and data loggers setup
  • The software also comes with a field summary sheet
Software Testing and Verification

  • Data used for the step-by-step examples are either from published sources or created using MODFLOW. In all cases, the correct results are known.
  • Three complete sets of field data have been collected for each analysis, at different field sites, and are presented in the Instruction Manual. The raw data also comes with the software.

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System Requirements



  • Win XP Only (older package)
  • A Pentium class chip
  • A minimum of 8MB of free hard disk space
  • Printer supported by Windows

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