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Calculate Hydraulic Conductivity from slugtest data using Bouwer and Rice method

STEP1 - Graph slugtest data - Log Head Vs. Linear Time.  Read h1,h2,t1,t2 from straight line part of curve.

STEP2 - Look up well construction paramters.

STEP3 - Enter test parameters.

h1 (head at time t=t1): 
h2 (head at time t=t2): 
t1 (time at head h1): 
t2 (time at head h2): 

Well Type:
b (Aquifer saturated thickness):  
H (dist. from w. t. to bottom of pack):
L (length of the screened interval):

(radius of casing):
rw (radius of well):

Hydraulic Conductivity:   


Example Calculation

STEP1 - Graph slugtest data - Log Head Vs. Linear Time.

STEP 2 & 3 - Enter test parameters.

h1 = 1.0 ft
h2 = 0.2 ft
t1 = 10 min
t = 20 min

Well Type:
 = Partially Penetrating
b = 100 ft
H = 50 ft
L = 15 ft

= 0.083 ft
rw = 0.33 ft

Hydraulic Conductivity =   0.00011 ft/min


Single Well Solutions


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