Calculator 3 - Hydraulic Conductivity & Discharge Unit Conversions

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Unit conversions are used frequently in groundwater modeling.  Whether it is for comparing different values, entering data into a model, or simply converting a value to a client’s preferred unit, it is a task performed often.  The following conversion calculator is built specifically for hydraulic conductivity and discharge, and includes several of the most common units.


Hydraulic Conductivity

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Input: Units:

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The data from a report written in 1956 has hydraulic conductivity and discharge values given in imperial units.  The current client would prefer all data be given in metric units, and so you must convert this data for them.  The hydraulic conductivity for the site was given as 0.3 feet/day, and a discharge rate of 8 gallons/minute.  Convert the hydraulic conductivity to meters/day and centimeters/second, and convert the discharge to cubic meters/second.


The hydraulic conductivity would be 0.09 meters/day or 0.0001 cm/s.  The discharge rate would be 0.0005 cubic meters/second.