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RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases New Features


Expanded Exposure Pathway Options

  • Groundwater Ingestion: Combined evaluation of risk-based exposure limits with concentration-based regulatory limits (e.g. drinking water standards), if applicable.
  • Soil Direct Contact Pathway: Evaluation of individual or combined exposure routes.
  • Vegetable Ingestion Pathway: Evaluation of ingestion of above-ground (leafy) and below-ground (root) vegetables for soil contact pathway.
  • Offsite Indoor Air Receptors: Evaluation of receptors who may be exposed to indoor vapors due to off-site migration of chemicals in groundwater.
User-Friendliness and Flexibility Enhancements

  • Summary Report Printing Dialog Box: Select and print all or as many input and output screens as desired from one convenient location.
  • User-Defined Default Input Parameters: Customize and save your own default input parameters, or revert to the RBCA Tool Kit defaults at any time.
  • User-Defined Receptor: Specify exposure factors for any alternative human receptor in addition to default Residential and Commercial receptors
  • Age-Averaging and Sensitive Receptor Options: Apply age-averaged exposure factors for carcinogenic (non-threshold) compounds only and select most sensitive receptor for non-carcinogenic (threshold) compounds.
  • Pathway-Specific Output for TPH: Soil and groundwater cleanup levels for TPH mixtures are presented for each complete exposure pathway together with results for individual chemicals of concern.
Expanded and Updated Chemical Database

  • Over 600 Chemicals: Contains updated physical, chemical and toxicological values for over 600 chemicals of potential concern:
  • International Toxicological References: Users can specify preferences for using default toxicological parameters provided from published sources in the USA, Netherlands and UK.
  • Stand-Alone Chemical Database: The complete chemical database files is accessible and customizable by the user, either from within the RBCA Tool Kit application or as a stand-alone utility in its own right. The use of multiple database files for location or project-specific applications can be easily managed from within the RBCA Tool Kit user interface.
Expanded Fate and Transport Modeling Options

  • Volatilization and Particulate Models: Q/C soil volatilization and particulate emission model, as implemented USEPA Soil Screening Guidance, in addition to default ASTM models.
  • Groundwater Mass Flux Indoor Air Model: Mass-balance limited model for volatilization from groundwater to indoor air.
  • Source Depletion: Account for measured source zone attenuation rates when considering future exposures.
  • Dual Equilibrium Desorption Model: Account for bi-phasic desorption of organic chemicals in evaluation of leaching and volatilization pathways.
  • Mass Balance Control Options: Option to disable mass-balance constraints for soil leaching and volatilization models.
Improved Save/Load Options for Chemical-Specific Input Parameters

When sharing files with other RBCA Tool Kit users, expanded options allow for easy resolution of discrepancies between project-specific chemical parameters and the active or default chemical database. When a RBCA project file is saved, chemical-specific parameters from the active chemical database are stored along with other project-specific input parameters. When the file is reloaded the RBCA Tool Kit loads the chemical data from the saved file, but highlights any parameters that are not consistent with the default and active chemical databases. The user can easily reconcile any or all inconsistencies between loaded chemical data and the active database file.

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