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Kids' Corner

 Kids - Where Does The Rain Go (via download) $9.95

...Learn about water in the world around you!!!

Where Does the Rain Go?

written by Kim Henry, 
illustrated by B. Morey Stockwell

paperback, 24 pages, for ages 3 to 7

Follow a boy as he travels through the hydrologic cycle.  The rain falls on the roof of his house and makes puddles in the garden.   Plant and trees take up the water in their roots and release it into the air from their leaves.  Clouds form and move over the mountains, where more rain falls. The water flows toward the sea in a river.  From the river bed, the water seeps into an aquifer, where it flows slowly back to the boy's garden and comes back to the surface in a well.


In an aquifer water fills the tiny spaces in between grains of sand or soil.  An aquifer is not an underground river!  Groundwater in an aquifer is flowing slowly, sometimes moving only a few inches in a year.


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